Exhibition Stall Fabrication
Exhibition Stall Fabrication

We have hands on experience in handling exhibition stalls, retail, interiors, launches, conferences etc - Within India, to render all the above services, we have fully equipped workshops in Ahmedabad... Mumbai... Delhi...Chennai ... where all fabrication work, paint, metal work, graphics, signage’s etc are done under the stringent supervision of core professionals. We feel very strongly that good design in its various forms no matter what the environment is aspiration. In that it has an aim or ambition. It has a longing and desire to be realized. And it is serving a clear objective or goal. Our creative’s and thinkers adhere to these principles, whilst our operations team and craftsmen focus on providing the inspirational finish that sees those aspirations realized.

We apply our philosophy to the following disciplines

• Exhibition Stall Design.

• Exhibition Stall Setup.

• Stall Advertising

• Stall Fabrication Work

• Exhibition Carpet, Glass, Rack, Chair, Bar Tool, Platform

• Colour Work

• Electric Work

• Exhibition displays

• Retail environments

• Conference sets

• Commercial interiors

• Demonstration/Marketing suites

• Facilities management and maintenance

We are the Event Supplier and Services Association.


TBT have a purpose-built manufacturing facility with an extensive range of fully-serviced and maintained equipment and plant. We employ skilled craftsmen with a passion for the materials with which they work and continuous assessments ensure we maintain the highest of standards.


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2. Acrylic letter on flex sign board
3. Acrylic letters with acp sheet sign boards
4. Vinyl glow sign boards
5. Digital printed glow sign boards.
6. Backlit Glow Sign Boards
7. Frontlit glow sign boards
8. PVC Glow Signs
9. Out Door Branding
10. Exhibition Stall Fabrication
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